The Steven J. Cage Foundation

Award of $4m to Humane Society of Hamilton County, October 2019 Award of $4m to Humane Society of Hamilton County, October 2019

Mission Statement

The Steven J. Cage Foundation is dedicated to serving communities through promotion and charitable giving for the following causes:

  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Athletics, Health and Wellness activities and Education
  • Medical research for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Serving the needs of at-risk and underserved communities

What Our Friends Say

KJ McGlinn

"Some of the most unique wishes we grant at Make-A-Wish are the “I Wish To Give” wishes. Kammy didn’t just want a swing in her park, she wanted an inclusive swing that every child could enjoy. The heart of her wish was to include the community and thanks to Steve’s generosity, hundreds of people rallied around making this special wish come true and celebrated together with Kammy at the unveiling in Holland Park."

Rebecca Stevens

"The transformational gift we've received from the Steven J. Cage Foundation is going to help us build a brighter future for not just Hamilton County's unwanted and abused animals, but also thousands of Hoosier animals at-risk for euthanasia. Steve's passion and commitment to giving the under-dog (and cats) of our community the second chance they deserve is inspiring. It is an honor to have his foundation's name featured on our new facility where those second chances are going to happen every day."
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