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Introducing Cage Campus

Business moves fast, but Fishers is moving faster. Voted the #1 Place to Live by Money Magazine in 2017, the city offers a competitive advantage for early-stage entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies: it’s a vibrant and growing element of the greater Indianapolis economy with an exceptionally family-friendly atmosphere. And with a growing number of enterprise headquarters moving to Fishers, the city is setting itself apart as a place for businesses to scale as well as start.

It’s why Steve Cage is investing in Fishers with Cage Campus.

"Businesses do best when they have the resources to thrive: the right leadership, the right environment, the right connections and space, Our goal is to build a better business community, and to foster healthy relationships between experienced leaders and growing Fishers companies." - Steve Cage

Cage Campus is a community of startups, emerging entrepreneurs and innovative small businesses built on a campus of properties. The aim: to shape the future of business in central Indiana.

By providing space and resources for growing startups and small companies undergoing expansion, Cage Campus encourages a new mindset toward business. The properties also offer the building blocks of a new kind of community: one that prioritizes innovation, creativity and wellness. No other property provides such an ideal location, so much support from community business leaders, or the flexibility to create the perfect physical work space.

Rethinking Innovation

The tech scene in Fishers has propelled the city toward a new perspective on innovation. Cage Campus offers more than the opportunity to innovate: it also offers startups and scale-ups an affordable place to put down roots, collaborate with experts, and find new talent.

With the flexibility to build for tenants’ needs, on-site athletic courts, and close proximity to downtown Fishers, Cage Campus makes it easy for growing teams to get more done on-site. The growing community is ideal for startups and scale-ups, offering fertile ground for sowing new seeds of ideas and exchanging advice.

This kind of environment has been invaluable for tech leaders like John Weschler, founder and CEO of Indiana IOT Lab. “My favorite thing about the Cage Campus concept is the easy access to facilities and network of peers,” he said.

Honoring Creativity

Entrepreneurship is a calling that requires more than business savvy: it demands an ability to think around corners and embrace creativity.

A typical office park might be full of cookie-cutter office spaces, designed to separate businesses from each other. But Cage Campus is built to give companies as much or as little space as they need to be productive. Current availability includes up to 7,000 square feet, which can be built out to suit a single tenant or several tenants. An additional 15,000 square feet will be available as early as February.

"It's important that people actually want to come to work, People who are comfortable in their workplaces are more creative. So, Cage Campus gives members the freedom to work in a way that brings out the best in them." - Steve Cage

Prioritizing Wellness

As the boundaries of business quickly expand beyond time zones, it’s more important than ever that companies prioritize wellness and work-life integration. It's why Cage Campus is built in the heart of a growing central Indiana city with a wealth of attractions. A top-notch school system, more than a dozen parks, a burgeoning culinary scene and an enviable retail scene that includes IKEA are amenities that aren’t always available within Indianapolis city limits.

Steve wants to ensure that sense of well-being and community is carried over into Cage Campus as well. With a basketball court and a state-of-the-art pickleball court, members can learn a new sport and network while enjoying physical activity.

"Everyone wants to live and work in a supportive community, We're building Cage Campus here in part because it's a community that's built to help its members become healthier, more productive and happier. Cage Campus is in its early stages, but its community is committed to making its mark on Fishers and the people who live and work here. We want to be a partner to our tenants, We've got the experience and the resources to help expand networks and connect like-minded entrepreneurs." - Steve Cage

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